Season Information

Capital Volleyball

Local is our level that participants can choose to play either in the winter season (December-early March) or spring season (mid March-early June).  You can play 2 local seasons back to back. Teams compete in the West Michigan and Lansing areas for 4-5 tournaments and practice twice a week.

Season Details

  • Season Length: December-March or March-June* (10+ weeks of training each season)
  • 2 practices per week
  • Practices begin week of March 20th
  • Competes in Club or Classic divisions
  • 6 play dates

  • 12&Under- $625
  • 13&Under- $1,100
  • 14-17&Under- $1,250
  • Attend all practices and play dates unless have a school related conflict or illness
  • Communicate with coach at least 1 week before anything missed unless unexpected
  • On time to all practices and play dates


  • Practice twice a week

Competition Level

  • Play in the Club division of power league
  • Play in 4-6 tournaments each season

Coaching Staff

  • Practices are run by a lead coach who has extensive experience working with FaR Out athletes.
  • Teams will have a head coach with coaching experience.

Uniform Package

  • 3 practice shirts, 2 jerseys, 1 pair of spandex, 1 pair of knee pads, 1 pair of socks, Adidas pullover, backpack


  • Individual & Team Photos

We have 2 Fundraising options at Capital Volleyball to help offset athlete’s fees for the season. The two options are a cookie dough sale and the SCRIP program.


We do a cookie sale twice a year where you are able to sell cookie dough. $8 of every box you sell goes toward your club fees. Every athlete at tryouts will receive a cookie dough sheet, extras can be acquired by emailing Cameron (). The date for turn in and pick up will be announced via email to all athletes placed on teams.


We also participate in SCRIP. It’s a program where you buy gift cards either electronic or physical and a percentage goes toward your club fees. Many of the brands that SCRIP carries are purchases most families make on a regular basis (groceries, gas, etc.) so this is a great way to get kick backs on money you are already spending. SCRIP requires an enrollment into the program and to do so email Roxane ().

We also have the opportunity for scholarship if there is a dire financial need.

Scrip Program Info